Prefabrication – Black Hills Setting

Brad Tomecek – Award Submittals: How To

Brad Tomecek – 2012 National Young Architect of the Year

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Studio H:T 2009 Innovative Practice Award – AIA Colorado

Brad Tomecek – 2009 Young Architect of the Year – AIA Western


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After interviewing a number of architects, the choice was clear that Tomecek Studio Architecture was more passionate about their vision to create unique, functional living spaces for their clients.  They took the time to consider elements of design for my house that I know other architects would not have.  I know this because, as a builder, I work with other architects.

Andrew McMullin, Client & Contractor


It’s my experience in the development world that dollars spent on thoughtfully creative architecture reflect the most important expenditure we can make to insure a project’s ultimate success.  Working with Brad for almost a decade has proven to us that they offer a unique combination of spectacularly dramatic architecture, ease of interaction, and great value.

Dean Thedos, Client & President of Insanely Great Idea Group


Aside from the thrill of seeing lines on a paper become physical reality, the most exciting part of building our new home was working with Brad Tomecek  of Tomecek Studio Architecture.  Brad proved himself to be a consummate architectural professional.  He LISTENED to what we wanted in a house and used his technical and creative skills to translate those desires into a beautiful and unique house that reflects both us, as the home owners, and them, as the design team.  They created an energy efficient house that is perfectly suited to its environment.  Another outstanding feature of this team: they have a wonderful sense of humor which made the process even more enjoyable.

Kathleen Bloom & Jim Olson, Clients


My husband and I would like to express our gratitude to all the people from Tomecek Studio Architecture who helped us design our new home in Berthoud, CO. We had seen a house they had designed and loved the artistic expression. We knew Brad was the perfect guy for us and our vision. He walked through the whole process with us from coming out to our site initially, suggesting contractors when we asked, really listening to what was important to us and what we liked, to seeing it all put together into our final home. He made the process simple and we felt we couldn’t have been in better hands. Brad even had my husband for dinner when I was out of town. Thanks again guys!

Tim and Charlene Krueger, Clients


We wanted to hire Tomecek Studio Architecture from the moment we came across their work on-line.To be working with them is exactly as we expected.Efficient, respectful, creative, smart, caring, fun, collaborative, and skilled in their craft.Our project has been a challenge.Firstly, we (owners) were in a critical time-crunch.Secondly, we were mandated by the City of Boulder, Colorado to build a “farm-house” on a parcel of annexed land. We have always wanted a modern dwelling.How to marry the two?Our one-of-a-kind property sits adjacent to open space and screams for perfection in details and overall feel.With the expedited help of Tomecek Studio Architecture, and their holistic approach to all aspects of the project, we have captured a design that fits the elements of what the City is seeking; while staying true to our goals and aesthetic taste.Our design plans are in place (on schedule!)It is a matter of time before we can parlay this beautiful work into a Colorado Home that stands apart, yet fits so magnificently in it’s location.

Leah Garcia, Client