Papercut is 5,280 layers of 20 pound laser cut recycled paper to create visual & acoustic voids. The acoustic void is activated by an iphone interface and becomes a modern reinterpretation of the phonograph.

The unfolding conversations about materials, methods and concepts led the design team to stack laser cut sheets of paper. By stacking these individually designed pieces, they create a whole much greater than the sum of the parts. The newly generated piece has an intrinsic character that speaks of:






Ultimately, this exploration examines the spatial folds and overlaps of surface and void created by the acoustic and visual hollows. The result is the implementation of the function of the word ‘cut’ to create a condition that exudes the very inverse of its origin.

(In collaboration with Bilal Daher)


DENVER, Colorado

AIA Colorado YAAG Artistic Craftsmanship Award